September 8th, 2015: Orca Spotting!!!!!

I could never imagine what seeing a whale in the wild was like; until today. On our return hike to East Sooke Park we heard before we saw a whale-watching boat. As it drew nearer we could hear people cheering and whooping. We ran to a clear spot to see the action and we had our reward: a pod of at least 10 Orca Whales about 1/2 mile off the coast. We sat and watched them for about 20 minutes. The Orcas looked like they were having a good time – a couple of them even slapped their tails on the surface of the water! We were close enough that we could hear the spouting as well as see the mist, although the video didn’t pick up the sound of the spouts. The majesty and beauty of the creatures is really something to behold. And the freedom they enjoy! The larger adults appeared to be shepherding the younger ones as they swam along. It’s amazing how much they come out of the water as they make their way. Seals beware! The video is about 1:20. Enjoy!


  1. Tom says:

    Yowza! Orca spotting…too cool. Beautiful video…


  2. Suzanne says:

    Love these posts! Hail to the Silver Charioteers!!! Love, Suzanne


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