May 14th, 2019: A bittersweet goodbye to lovely Paris and the close of 5 amazing weeks in Europe!!!

This morning we awoke early for the 45-minute train ride to Charles de Gaulle International Airport outside Paris, for our mid-morning flight on Air France back to Miami. I ran across a wonderful sign that said “Paris ne vous Oubliera Pas” or “Paris will never forget you.” Back at ya’ Paris. I will definitely never forget you and we will be back! The sign almost brought tears to my eyes. I was pretty emotional anyway today, with a wave of warm memories flooding over me as our 5-week adventure in Europe comes to a close.

“Paris ne vous Oubliera Pas” or “Paris will never forget you.” Back at ya’ Paris. I will definitely never forget you and we will be back!
A living wall in the Paris airport terminal

We took off over metropolitain Paris and could even make out the Eiffel Tower for it was very clear and not hazy at all! Then northern France and soon were crossing the English Channel at the coast of Normandy. Some large river had its estuary on the coast – I don’t know which one – there were also broad beaches and small towns. Soon, we were over Wales and then southern Ireland. It was certainly easy to see why they call it the Emerald Isle!

A river estuary on the Normandy coastline

For the flight I watched “Bohemian Rhapsody“, with the versatile Remi Malek playing Freddie Mercury, again, and cried most of the way through. I also watched “A Star is Born” with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. There were tears for this one too! (I am such a sucker for a heartfelt sad story) I especially struggle with the heartwrenching duet from the movie, “Shallow!” Cooper and Lady Gaga both have such incredible voices.

We hit the coast of North America in, I think, Labrador. All I know is, it is the middle of May and it is totally frozen over, so I think it must be Labrador. There were lots of frozen and snow-covered mountains, lakes and rivers and no sign of civilization anywhere to be seen. This went on forever.

Frozen Labrador
More frozen Labrador

Finally we arrived back in Miami, bringing this chapter in our adventuring lives to a close. All-in-all it was a spectacular 5 weeks in Europe. I cannot wait to go back and adventure some more. Success!!!

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