September 4th: Following the Roar!

Today we ventured westward on the Southern End of Vancouver Island to the town of Sooke and up to the Sooke Potholes. Kind of an unimposing name for something that takes your breath away. I’ve seen Yosemite Falls which is incredibly tall and Niagara Falls which is incredibly wide and powerful, but the waterfalls that formed the Sooke Potholes are incredible because you can get truly up close and personal with them.

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We were introduced to the Potholes further down on the Sooke River, but they became ever more spectacular the more we explored upriver. You soon understand why they are called Potholes, for the holes and shapes that the forceful river has carved into the granite. In this photo you see the panorama above the Potholes, whilst listening to the powerful roar of the raging river below. Basically, we followed the roar of the river until we came to the most impressive waterfalls at the Potholes themselves.

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At the top of the waterfalls we climbed down the rocks until we were sitting right in front of the loudest and most interesting one. I could have stayed for hours, observing Mother Nature hard at work. The closer you look into the waterfall the more clearly you can see water shooting out in all directions through the holes in the rock. The gorge was at our left, where the roaring river was cloaked in mystery.

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All in all a very rewarding day; one I won’t soon forget!